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We constantly invest in the latest technology including camera, light/grip and post.  


We have built a mini-studio capable of serving well-budgeted independent films and larger commercials.  One deal can take the guesswork out of dozens of line items saving productions time, money and work while creating one POC/vendor to communicate with.


RED Komodo.  6k global shutter camera matched up with a

Metabones speed booster and Canon FD lens set

(20/2.8, 24/2.8, 28/2, 35/2, 55/1.2, 85/1.8, 100/4 macro, 135/2.5)


Cartoni Head/sticks,

Tilta VCT shoulder rig, Zacuto trigger grip, Nucleus focus/zoom/rec

Ronin RS2 with add ons


We are experienced in all camera types (Alexa, VRaptor, FX9, etc)

to allow us to match up the best camera for the
specific needs of a production 




2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500 Extended.  This is a very rare sprinter - the 3500 extended.  It offers the highest payload capacity, over 6' interior height, over 14' of cargo and can store approximately 90% of what our former 26' box truck could carry without the headaches.  The most commonly used stands hang on the rear door for easy access (5 baby and 4 combo).  It includes a 2000 watt inverter with receptacles in the front and rear running off an auxiliary battery that won't drain the starter battery.  A factory tow hitch gives reliable towing

options for sub-rented/day-playing or additional gear.



Our lighting package includes a mix of HMI's, LED's and

tungsten lights.  1200d, 600x, 300d, Quasar, Astra 6x,

RGB tubes, 1200 HMIs, etc.


Our grip package is... more than what you would expect. 

Overheads (20x, 12x, 8x, 6x), scrims/flags, shotbags, boxes,

stands (up to mombo size), etc...


For power we offer thousands of running watts of stable,

inverter technology power - enough to run almost all of

our lights on location.


Dana Dolly 4', 6', 8', 10', 12'















Custom aluminum carts allow us to safely offload gear, efficiently moving the most-used equipment to set .


Baby stands, Combo stands, Low boys, lights, stingers, shot bags, boxes, hardware and more are at the ready whether the set is directly in front of truck parking or across a corporate plaza and up eight stories on a passenger elevator.  We can quickly move gear where it needs to be so we can shoot quickly.





Whether it's printing late night pink versions of scripts and sides or just scanning a document to immediately send to SAG.  Our MFC, wireless printer is your best friend.  Does it jam?  It has.  Once in recent memory.  Yes, we love our printer.

Tables, Tents, Radios, etc?  Yes, we can provide all of these items, too.

Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling is available for long form projects.

Field work is quickly and safely copied, backed up and verified through rugged hard drives and software such as ShotPut Pro.



We believe in staying up-to-date with post capabilities, too.  We are always adopting new technology where appropriate.  

Our post facility includes a 10' screen (98% DCI), 5.2.1 wide sound monitoring and space, lots of space.

Our hardware provides a robust platform for critical work.  But software changes daily and it takes experienced personnel to pick-and-choose updates and software packages to maximize efficiency and cross communication.  Adobe Cloud, Davinci (now including Fairlight and Fusion) and RED software provide a stable suite of software to provide transcoding, editing, color correction, audio sweetening and delivery to any format.



When it comes to gear utilized in the motion picture industry - it's never the end.  We will always evaluate new technology, adopting when prudent. 


Additionally, no camera, grip or electric package can ever be considered 'complete' so we maintain relationships with other vendors to sub-rent gear we do not own.   It is quite easy for us to bring bigger HMI's such as a 12k or 18k to a shoot when required without having to pass the cost of ownership along to lower budgeted projects.  One stake bed can tow one generator that powers these 'big guns' without the need for exorbitant, cascading line items.

Whether renting or co-producing with us - we will always bring our expertise to help facilitate additional rentals, manpower, insurance requirements, logistics or any other facet of renting that the producer wishes help.

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